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The San Joaquin Area Flood Control Agency's mission is to study, plan and implement flood protection projects to reduce the risk of flooding to people, structures, and our community's economy. We partner with local, State and Federal interests to coordinate levee improvement efforts.

San Joaquin Area Flood Agency Fly Over

Recently, SJAFCA completed Provisionally Accredited Levee (PAL) documentation to satisfy FEMA's levee accreditation for Fourteen Mile Slough levee segment P124; Shima Tract levee segments P375, P378, and P379; Calaveras River levee segments P140, P356, P357, P359, P454 and P1401; and Walker Slough levee segment P268. SJAFCA assisted Reclamation District 404 with their PAL documentation by providing the interior drainage analysis. 


SJAFCA also completed a Conditional Letter of Map Revision for the Smith Canal Closure Structure project to eliminate the flood plain created by the de-accreditation of Smith Canal levees.

For an aerial tour of the Smith Canal, click here (WMV).

For an aerial view of SJAFCA's various projects, click here and take a "fly over" tour.


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