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Regional Flood Management Planning

Landowners, public agencies and community organizations are partnering to identify and address regional flood management challenges and opportunities within the Lower San Joaquin River basin and the southern portion of the Delta (map). With input from their communities, these organizations will develop a flood management plan by late 2014 that describes the long-term, local vision for flood risk reduction. Flood management projects included in the plan may be eligible for future state and federal funding.

Lower San Joaquin and South Delta Regions Map

The plan will include, among other things:

  • Flood protection problems and opportunities

  • Potential projects and priorities

  • Financial plan

Stakeholder involvement is critical to the plan's development. Opportunities for input will be offered during small and large group meetings, by review of draft plan documents, and through the project website and hotline.

The planning process is being funded by the Department of Water Resources with bond funding approved by California voters in 2006. The completed plan will be considered by the State for a 2017 update to the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan, which was approved by the Central Valley Flood Protection Board in 2012. The plan will also connect to the State's separate but related effort to complete a flood management feasibility study for the lower San Joaquin River basin. The regional planning effort is a chance to help shape the state' future plans for flood management.

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RFMP Plan Documents

2014 Lower San Joaquin River and Delta South Regional Flood Management Plan

LSJR-DS RFMP, November 2014
Appendix A - Regional Setting & Context
Appendix B - Freeboard Profiles
Appendix C - LMA-Specific Hazards and Projects
Appendix D - Rural LMA Work Group Topic Papers
Appendix E - Financial Plan
Appendix F - Comment and Response Log


Other LSJR-DS RFMP Documents:




Project Identification

Over the past several months, the LSJ/DS RFMP development team conducted many small group meetings to solicit input from stakeholders on flood management problems and risk reduction solutions for consideration in the RFMP development process. The consultant team used the results of those meetings and information from other sources to identify a short list of potential projects. The list is not a ranking or priortization. Project ranking criteria and prioritization will be developed at a later date with stakeholder involvement.

In the meantime, the identification of potential projects will continue through the end of the calendar year. A Regional Improvements Project Form has been developed to facilitate the submission of potential projects, as well as gather input and information on projects identified to date. Please feel free to use the electronic form, or download the form here, to help us develop and refine the project list.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible, but leave blank any areas for which details are unknown. Forms can be submitted to Loren Bottorff with the RFMP Team at

When thinking of potential projects, please keep in mind that the State has indicated it will favor multi-beneficial projects for future funding, as resources allow. Such projects would provide a flood control benefit, but may also address water resources, environmental, recreation and other areas.


Projects may include:

• Construction Projects
• Planning Efforts
• Accreditations and ULOP Compliance Projects
• SWIF(s)
• Others as identified by Stakeholders

Thank you for your participation in the RFMP development process. We look forward to your continued partnership as we move forward with the planning effort. Questions? Contact us at 530-809-9317.


Meeting Information

09.17.2014 - Upper-Mid-Lower SJR RFMP Inter-Regional Coordination Meeting
     • Agenda
     • Sign In Sheet
09.11.2014 - Paradise Cut Symposium II
     • Agenda
     • Meeting Overview Presentation
     • Draft Meeting Notes
     • Attendee Sign-In Sheet
     • LSJ River Flood Bypass Presentation
08.20.2014 – TAC Meeting Notes
07.23.2014 - Small Group Meeting RD2064, 2075, 2094, 2096
07.17.2014 - Small Group Meeting RD1608, 2074, 2119
07.17.2014 - Small Group Meeting RD 17
07.16.2015 - TAC Meeting Notes
07.15.2014 - Small Group Meeting RD2058, 2085, 2095
07.10.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary Notes RD403, 404, 524, 828, 1614
07.07.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD684
07.07.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD1007
07.02.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary Notes RD1, 2089
07.02.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD544
07.02.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD2
07.01.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD773
06.12.2014 - Small Group Meeting Summary RD2062, 2107
06.18.2014 – TAC Meeting Notes
05.21.2014 – TAC Meeting Notes
05.08.2014 – Mormon Bypass Conference Call Summary
04.23.2014 – Transitory Storage Meeting Summary
03.20.2014 – Interregional Coordination Meeting Summary
02.05.2014 – Delta Stewardship Council Meeting Summary
01.29.2014 - FESSRO Meeting Summary
01.23.2014 - Inter-regional Coordination Meeting Summary
01.15.2014 – TAC Meeting
12.17.2013 - Paradise Cut Symposium Meeting Notes
12.18.2013 – TAC Meeting Presentation
11.20.2013 – TAC Meeting Presentation
10.31.2013 – Joint Regional Planning Regions Meeting
10.16.2013 – TAC Meeting Presentation
09.18.2013 – TAC Meeting Presentation
08.28.2013 – SB 5 – Evolution of ULOP Criteria
08.28.2013 – TAC Meeting Presentation
07.10.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary - RD2064 - RD2075 - RD2094 - RD2095
06.27.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary - RD828 - RD1614
06.26.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary - RD2042
06.25.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary - RD403 - RD404
06.25.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary - RD2074 - RD2119 - RD1608
06.06.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary
06.17.2013 - Small Group Meeting Summary
05.29.2013 - RFMP Small Group Meeting #1 Notes
05.29.2013 - RFMP Small Group Meeting #1 Presentation
05.15.2013 - TAC Meeting Notes
05.15.2013 - TAC Meeting Presentation
04.24.2013 - Kick-Off Meeting Notes
04.24.2013 - Kick-Off Meeting Presentation

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