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Early Implementation Program (EIP) Project Report - February 2011

Cover Letter
Smith Canal Closure Structure EIP Report
Smith Canal Flyover

Appendix 1
     Attachment 1 - Proposal for EIP Project
     Attachment 2 - EIP SCRB Spreadsheet Analyssi
     Attachment 3 - Resolution Authorizing Proposal
     Attachment 4B - Certifications for Design Project Only
     Attachment 5 - Attorney's Certification
     Attachment 6A - Form of Flood Risk Resolution
     Attachment 7 - DWR Environmental Information Form
     Attachment 8 - EIP Grand Process Checklist

Appendix 2
     State Legislation Authorizing Construction of Smith Canal

Appendix 3
     30% Design Plans
     Geotechnical Services Report

Appendix 4
     FEMA CLOMR Letter

Appendix 5
     San Joaquin River Delta BFE Report

Appendix 6
     Dad's Point Geotechnical Evaluation Report
     Appendix A
     Appendix B
     Appendix C
     Appendix D
     Appendix E
     Appendix F
     Appendix G
     Appendix H
     Dad's Point Geotechnical Evaluation Plates

Appendix 7
     Economic Feasibility Analysis Report

Appendix 8
     Financial Plan

Appendix 9
     Detailed Closure Structure Cost Estimate

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